With the European population growing older, the challenge is to keep an increasing number of seniors across all European countries healthy and active. In Europe, between 13.5 % and 29.7 % of older adults living at home are malnourished or at risk of protein energy malnutrition. PROMISS aims to better understand and ultimately prevent protein energy malnutrition in seniors. Thereby, PROMISS will contribute to improve active and healthy ageing.

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Nutrition for healthy ageing


20th February 2020

EuGMS Congress 2020 in Athens

Our PROMISS partner EuGMS (European Geriatric Medicine Society) organizes its 16th International Congress in Athens, Greece, 7-9 October 2020!

Abstract submission and call for Symposia are now open!

Conference Website: https://eugms.org/2020.html




19th February 2020

Association of oral health with body weight: a prospective study in community-dwelling older adults

Eva Kiesswetter, Bart JF Keijser, Dorothee Volkert, Marjolein Visser.

Eur J Clin Nutr. 2019 doi: 10.1038/s41430-019-0536-4.


As involuntary weight loss in older age is related to functional decline and to mortality, the knowledge about factors affecting body weight is of importance. One factor that may influence body weight in older people is the oral health status. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the longitudinal associations of different oral health characteristics with body weight in community-dwelling older adults.

We used data of 657 community-dwelling older adults aged 55-80 years from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA). The first assessment of oral health and body weight took place in 2005/07 and the second in 2015/16. To describe oral health status, aspects relating to teeth, dentures, and oral problems (e.g. bleeding gums) as well as the self-rated oral health were assessed.

The proportions of people being edentulous and wearing dentures increased during follow-up and the proportions of people suffering from oral health problems remained relatively stable over time. About two thirds of the participants rated their oral health status as healthy. In our analyses, only the self-rated oral health status was associated with body weight.

In community-dwelling older adults self-rated oral health may indicate changes in body weight in the long term. Therefore, this simple measure could serve to identify a risk for weight loss and to initiate oral interventions in clinical practice.


You can access the scientific article here

27th January 2020

65+ and their love for a meal


The Centre of expertise for Agrotechnology and Biotechnology at the VIVES University of Applied Sciences, Belgium, has gathered extensive expertise on malnutrition among older persons in the PROMISS project. Taking this expertise, VIVES developed specific training and education material for different actors within the practice-oriented research project “Seniorproof”.

For example, an “ambiance box“ was developed to inspire caregivers to decorate a meal attractively. In addition, a taste panel was set up that can help companies and industrial kitchens to develop new food products that are adapted to the preferences and needs of the older persons.

Learn more about VIVES’ work in the article 65+’ers en hun liefde voor de maaltijd (Dutch only)

Vanneste, E., Van den Broeck, L., Desplenter , A., & Schutyser, E. (2019). 65+’ers en hun liefde voor de maaltijd. Tijdschrift voor voeding en diëtetiek, 14-17



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