Laura M. Van der Lubbe, Michel C.A. Klein

GoodTechs ’20: Proceedings of the 6th EAI International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good

Gamification means that you use game elements, such as point or badges, to a non-game task, such as a diet journal. Gamification is nowadays applied in many different areas. In this paper we describe the design of a gamified version of an earlier designed diet journal system that is used within the trail of the PROMISS-project. The goal of adding gamification to the existing system is to further stimulate the diet compliance and adherence to the system, but also increase the knowledge about the diet and make using the system more fun. We created 5 different mini-games, testing the participant’s knowledge about the diet. These mini-games were used as a reward for consuming the right amount of protein in a meal. Playing the games with success results in improvements to a cartoon garden displayed on the screen, making the look of the app more attractive. Next to the games, a profile page of the participant was added, as well as achievements for different activities in the app.

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