PROMISS partner Annelien Desplenter, VIVES Hogeschool, Belgium, will represent PROMISS in a panel discussion on “Preventing older adults’ malnutrition: What is the role for innovative products in texturing and flavours?” at the Ageing Fit conference in January 2021.

Ageing is often accompanied by with eating and swallowing problems, dry mouth, taste loss contributing to older adults’ malnutrition. What are the factors that affect food perception?  What are the most recent approaches in the design of innovative foods to prevent malnutrition and to support healthy diet? How are manufacturers adapting to cater for the specific needs of older adults?

Panel participants:

  • Annelien Desplenter, Nutrition researcher, PROMISS project, Belgium
  • Bernard Corfe, Senior Lecturer in Oncology, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Sara De Pelsmaeker, Product & Business Development Nutrition, EMEA, Rousselot Belgium
  • Neil Foster, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Nuritas, United Kingdom
  • Edwig Goossens, Coordinator, Center for Gastrology, Belgium

The panel discussion will take place virtually on 28 January 2021, from 14:00-15:00 CET.

More information and registration on the event website: