The Horizon2020 PROMISS project tackles malnutrition with a specific focus on protein-energy malnutrition.

PROMISS makes use of large-scale databases to understand the relationships between food intake, food characteristics, physical activity, the oral and gut microbiota, and poor appetite, malnutrition and poor health among older adults. Preferences and attitudes of older persons about food intake and physical activity are also taken into account.

Based on the outcomes of this research, PROMISS has developed optimized, sustainable and evidence-based dietary and physical activity recommendations

This newsletter focuses on the recommendations on sustainable protein intake for older people living at home.

In this newsletter:

  • PROMISS recommendations on sustainable protein intake (p. 2-5)
    • Our food choices can make a difference in coping with climate change.
    • Acceptability of protein sources among older persons in Europe
    • Readiness for older adults to consume alternative, more sustainable protein sources
    • Dietary changes needed to achieve a high-protein, environmentally sustainable diet
    • Recommendations for environmentally sustainable protein consumption
  • What comes next? (p. 5-6)
    • Recommendations for key target stakeholders

Enjoy reading the fourth PROMISS Newsletter (click here).