Our PROMISS partner, Christine Yung Hung from the University of Ghent, Belgium, presented PROMISS project results at the 168th EAAE Seminar on 7 February in Uppsala, Sweden.

The seminar addressed the questions of behavioural perspectives in agricultural economics and management by an exchange of current ideas and knowledge related to the effect of human personal characteristics, values, rationality, attitudes, emotions, goals, cognition etc. on production and consumption decisions.

Christine Yung Hung’s presentation contributed to the theme by presenting some of PROMISS’ WP4 results under the heading “Behavioural Determinants Shaping Protein Intake in European Older Adults”. PROMISS’ WP4 aims to quantify specific attitudes and preferences of older adults, as food consumers, with regard to dietary and physical activity characteristics and daily patterns according to appetite and malnutrition strata, and was therefore an excellent fit for the seminar’s overall theme.

Sharing insights these insights will help the advancement of the academic field but may also contribute to the formulation of efficient and effective public and private policy schemes, advisory support, and measures to affect production and consumption choices.