Through its activities, PROMISS is able to offer to food industries and SMEs advanced knowledge on nutrition needs of older persons living at homes, especially on:

  • Protein energy malnutrition
  • Dietary proteins
  • Sustainability of dietary proteins
  • Protein recommendations for older adults
  • Protein intake of older adults
  • Dietary preferences of older adults

Moreover, PROMISS has developed new food concepts and food products, together with a roadmap and masterclass videos, which will help the food industry adapt or develop new products to prevent malnutrition among older persons.

Roadmap on “New food product and concept development for older adults”

Download the PDF file

Watch the PROMISS Masterclass videos on our PROMISS Youtube channel

1. What is protein energy malnutrition?

2. What are dietary proteins?

3. How much proteins do older adults need?

4. What is the protein intake of older adults?

5. How sustainable is dietary protein?

6. What protein sources do older consumer prefer?

7. The Stage-Gate® model